Bristol Technology Festival 2021

10-15th October 2021

Our Mission

Our aim is to create a platform that allows groups to run and promote tech events under the banner of Bristol Technology Festival and to provide support and guidance.

We Will Be Back in Autumn 2022!

Our Charity Partner

This year Bristol Tech Festival is partnering with Digilocal to support young people into coding! 

Donate here or you can donate directly to DigiLocal by scanning the QR code facilitated by our friends Moneyhub, ensuring DigiLocal receives 100% of all donations, immediately.


This festival would not be possible without the support of partners. Thank you!

Headline Partner

Community Partners


The launch team

Ben Shorrock


Marty Reid

Head of Engine Shed

David Henderson

Fintech West

Karin Rudolph

Course Director, Newicon Academy

Nick Rutherford

Founder, Bristol Tech Showcase

Marina Traversari

Global Program Manager - Ecosystem Acceleration Centers (TEAC)

Want to run an event or get involved?

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Data ethics of the future and it's impact on innovation
The Visual Voyage: Guide your customers on the path to purchase
Financial Technology in Research and Education
Be Prepared to Forget Everything You Know About Innovation
Mobility as a Service: How do we develop the future of transport
Up skilling and getting started in tech
Amanda Solloway, Minister for Science
Tim Bowles, West of England Mayor

Bristol Tech Festival is committed to an inclusive event