Does your business receive personal data from the EU?

If your business or organisation receives personal data from the EU, there are simple steps you may need to take by January 2021 so that this data can continue to flow lawfully.

You must check if these steps apply to your business. Personal data is any information that can be used to identify a living person. This type of information is regularly used in the daily running of most businesses and organisations.

An example of a personal data transfer you may receive from an EU partner is if your company receives customer information from an EU company, such as names and addresses. Many companies also manage their HR data, such as staff working hours and payroll details via partners in the EU. UK businesses that do not make the necessary changes put themselves at risk.

Visit GOV.UK to check how you can prepare to lawfully receive personal data from
January 2021.There may be additional steps you need to take to help your business or organisation prepare for January 2021. Check this today by visiting

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