Bristol Tech Festival Marketing

We’re looking for someone to help us with the marketing for BTF2021. Check out the brief below

Bristol Technology Festival 2021: Marketing Partner Tender 


1. Creation of Marketing content to showcase and sell the festival to potential attendees and event  organisers  

2. Deployment of digital marketing campaigns targeted locally and nationally to raise awareness. Target  of reaching at least 1 million impressions locally, nationally and internationally. 

3. Management of social media before, during and after the festival 

4. Coordination with event logistics team on event organisers and partners 

Relevant Background Information 

Dates: October 10th – 15th Bristol Technology Festival represents all that is brilliant about the diverse,  collaborative and exciting ecosystem that is Bristol Tech all in one city, all in one week.  

Bristol has a long-standing history of tech innovation and the ecosystem is booming, with the most productive  tech talent in the UK (TechNation 2019). It feeds industries all over the world with breakthrough engineering  and digital innovation. The region is famed for its creative approach to technological challenges and was recently  recognised as the best city for startups in the UK outside of London, with notable companies including IMDb,  Graphcore, Ovo and Dyson. 

With such a diverse and rapidly growing sector, it has been difficult for companies and communities to  understand and engage across the breadth of activity to understand the opportunities for them. 

Bristol Technology Festival seeks to showcase the entire ecosystem, from the weird and wonderful, to world  leaders in their field, and everything in between. Events are crowdsourced from organisations across the city. 

The festival acts as a wrap around brand and platform to allow people from across the city to host their own  events over a week. Last year we hosted 53 events and had over 5,000 attendees.  

Current Challenges 

● The festival is in its 3rd year so still relatively new and needs to raise awareness of the festival within the region. 

● Attracting interest from a national audience to a “regional” festival can be challenging due to the  perception of a smaller scale. 

● Technology events are often still considered by much of the city region as for those “inside” the sector  and not accessible which can reduce engagement.  

● The festival is brought together by volunteers and has little spare resource to commit to marketing and  external engagement. 

● There are other events in the city such as Bristech and Bristol Tech Showcase which have run previously,  sometimes within the festival week, which have given rise to confusion with the Bristol Tech Festival  Brand  

Business Objectives 

1. The festival aims to reach as many people across the Bristol (and regional) community as possible and  illustrate its value to the cluster as a showcase (capturing data on this is key) 

2. Demonstrate the value of the festival to commercial partners of the festival (who are mainly involved  for talent acquisition or CSR) giving long term sustainabilit


● Bath Digital Festival 

● London Tech Week 

● Birmingham Tech Week 

● CogX 

What Makes Us Unique or Different  

● Only event of its type in Bristol 

● Access to leading speakers and content from around the region 

● Broad, engaged, partner network to share content 

Who are the target audiences? 

1. Tech talent locally and nationally. Both technical and in support areas of the business 2. Current and aspiring entrepreneurs locally  

3. Young people and people who could work in the tech sector (specifically we are under represented  from women and people of colour) 

4. Industry / corporate representatives interested in engaging with the technology sector (awareness of  talent, capability, disruption etc.) 

5. UK Gov / regional government / funding body (e.g. DCMS, Innovate UK) representatives with influence  over public funding calls applicable to technology sector 

What do you want audiences to do? 

1. Have an increased awareness of the festival and the tech sector locally 

2. Engage with the festival and attend events. 


● Pre Festival campaigns and preparation – July – October 

● Festival week – October 11th – 15th 

● Some post festival follow up 


● £11,000 

Closing Date for submissions 

• 9th July 2021 

If you are interested 

Please submit a brief proposal outlining your suggested approach to:, with the  header “BTF Marketing Partner Tender – {Company Name}