Deloitte: Supporting diversity and standing up for our region’s tech community

Deloitte is a go-to authority when it comes to technology.

This, along with a strong local presence, makes it the perfect sponsor for Bristol Technology Festival’s (BTF) 2021 launch event.

Hosted at the Engine Shed on 7 October, a few days before the full BTF schedule kicks off, the exclusive prelude will bring together experts in the sector to understand how tech will support the growth of the city in the future.

A global heavyweight with local roots

Deloitte has strong ties to Bristol and the wider region. Through its TechWorks consultancy (which is based out of Bristol), Deloitte brings its global expertise and capabilities to the South West and Wales in the form of a unique collaboration space and a team of 60 tech, engineering and digital experts.

Such in-house knowhow spans an enormous variety of specific disciplines, including development, testing, DevOps and Cloud, UX/UI design, product strategy and research, business analysis and delivery management – skills which help Deloitte to serve organisations in public, private, finance and defence sectors.

As well as sponsoring our opening showcase, Deloitte will be hosting a series of fascinating events at BTF 2021, with insights into a wide range of topics and trends:

• A motion simulator session will explore how AI and simulation can help transport operators make data driven decisions.

• Its GRAVITY Challenge, a global technology innovation programme to design and build solutions to solve real industry, social and environmental problems, using space data and capabilities.

• A presentation on drones, exploring how advanced air mobility can support vital activities such as medical deliveries through a zero-carbon aviation network.

Other sessions will provide insight into Deloitte’s ‘AssetMesh’, exploring the benefits of digitising the physical world, the power of location intelligence and discussing how to maximise the value of geospatial services.

Championing diversity

The core theme of BTF 2021 is ‘changing the face of tech’.

For us, this means going beyond simply talking about issues facing the tech sector, but also providing a forum for organisations to take action.

Deloitte, as a key sponsor of Bristol Technology Festival, is already a firm believer in taking action to address issues within the tech industry. For instance to support diversity across the industry, the firm is supporting Code First Girls’ Nanodegree–  sponsoring 15-week courses in data and software, preparing, leading to employment opportunities with leading organisations, including Deloitte itself.

In September 2021 alone, 10 women graduated from the course and joined Deloitte, with another cohort of 10 expected to be employed in January 2022.

It is firms such as Deloitte, actively seeking to welcome more women into the vibrant local technology community, that make ideal sponsors for Bristol Technology Festival. We wish to thank them for their ongoing support.

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