Making the UK the best place to launch & grow startups that use location or property data.

Geovation is Ordnance Survey's open innovation inititiative, helping start-ups who use location and property data move forward with purpose. If your startup needs location or property data and expertise to succeed, Geovation is the place for you. To date, we have supported 117 startups, who have gone on to raise £77m+ in funding and have generated 484 new jobs for the UK economy.

11:15 - 12:15

11th November WEDNESDAY

Get rich quick?

Want to find out how to win the innovation lottery? Well this talk is for you! Hear from Geovation's virtual CTO - Paul Nebel.

Innovation start-ups have the potential to provide rich rewards, but enthusiasm and ambition alone are not enough to survive. Most people, once they have an inkling of a problem, jump straight to the solution. This means that their entire business ends up serving the technology, rather than technology being used to achieve the aims of the business.

During this hour-long talk, Geovation's virtual CTO will show you how to start from the right place, establish product-market fit, identify your assumptions and turn them into hypotheses to build experiments that ensure you are building products your customers will love.

Find out how to approach innovation in a clear, systematic way that removes as much uncertainty as possible from your life and leaves you free to achieve your goals.