Getting your first 10 hires right

Wednesday 12th, 11:30am - 12:30am, Online

As a startup, the impact of getting your first 10 hires right, or wrong, is substantial. Are you hiring role-by-role, struggling to see past the short-term?

Do you want to attract the top talent but are unsure about how to make yourself stand out?

Are you afraid of the consequences of a bad hire?

Then you're not alone.

There are many challenges when it comes to hiring and retaining talent, but addressing these 3 key worries will help you on your way to startup success.

Be confident that your growing team works together seamlessly. Where each person plays their part in building something magical, like an orchestra.

This session offers practical advice to help you address those 3 areas, by talking about preparation, marketing mindset, and retention.

When we finish, you’ll feel confident that you can build something special, by attracting and retaining brilliant people who will join you for reasons other than salary.

This session will be 60 minutes, hosted online. You'll have the chance to interact along the way and there will be further time for questions at the end.

By attending, you'll have the chance to book an individual session with our Co-founder & CEO, Alan Furley, to help in more detail on any of your hiring challenges.

We believe in strong teams, built better. Make yours one of them.

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