Softcat is a leading reseller of a comprehensive range of infrastructure technology solutions.

We work with commercial and public sector organisations to identify the right digital infrastructure for their needs from over 200 vendors, procure it for them, implement the software and then deliver a range of ongoing support and managed services.

Softcat’s South West team works in the heart of Bristol and combines a strong expertise in business IT with a vibrant, value led workforce who are passionate about going the extra mile to help customers and colleagues achieve their goals.

For us the solution fit and quality of service we provide our customers is the priority. Our key differentiator is our unique community and people centric culture.
Softcat prides itself on being a business that allies socially responsible actions with successful business operations to benefit people, deliver sustainable performance and protect the planet for future generations.

11:30 - 12:00

12th October TUESDAY

The anatomy of a ransomware attack

In this talk Adam Louca, Chief Technologist for Security at Softcat, will discuss how ransomware has evolved and the steps a ransomware attack take before looking into some real world case studies. We will then discuss mechanisms to detect and respond to these types of attack.

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10:00 - 10:45

14th October THURSDAY

Softcat Sustainability: Lead, don’t lag

With sustainability continuing to increase in importance and the tech industry being a key area to drive change, Softcat talks about its journey so far, its future goals and how it hopes to make a difference.