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We are business-focused lawyers offering straightforward advice without the jargon.

Stephenson Law is an alternative law firm offering straightforward advice without the jargon. Sometimes you’ll see us having a laugh together and being silly (we’re humans after all!) but most of the time we are working with fast-growth, entrepreneurial businesses to provide strategic advice and support on day-to-day matters. From startups to in-house legal, procurement and privacy teams, we’re here to help.

17:30 - 18:30

12th November THURSDAY

The A-Z of Hiring your First Developer

Running a start-up is a complex mission, made all the more complicated when your team starts to grow.
You’ve got the industry-breaking idea, trademarked the name, and embarked on your start-up journey - now what?
Get the down-low on the ‘A-Z of Hiring your First Developer’, from advertising to employment contracts, right down to making the fateful choice on your first recruit.
Hosted by “Best New Recruitment Agency” winner SR2, and jargon-free law firm, Stephenson Law: this event will provide a considered approach to hiring, paying close attention to the legal frameworks you’ll need to build a team that lasts.
In addition to industry-leading advice, you’ll benefit from a host of virtual activities, including focused group sessions - designed to lighten the load as you grow your world-class team!