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Workbrands is a creative agency in Bristol. We deliver market-leading creative ideas and design that enable our innovative clients in the tech sector and beyond to maximise the potential of their brand and marketing activity.

10:00 - 11:00

13th November FRIDAY

The Visual Voyage: Guide your customers on the path to purchase

Are your prospects getting lost on the customer journey? Perhaps it’s not what your content says that’s driving them away…but how it says it.

The pandemic has led to tech businesses relying on digital marketing over face to face meetings and events. So it’s clear that more than ever that your company’s content needs to capture your audience’s attention – and keep it.

To do this, visual appeal is vital. So join Workbrands founder and director Nick Farrar as he guides you on a Visual Voyage, demonstrating how the right creative execution at every stage of the sales cycle can increase engagement and improve the effectiveness of your content.

Having spent over 20 years in marketing, your host Nick Farrar has an in-depth understanding of what makes brands work, live and breathe and knows exactly how to maximise ROI for clients.

Before co-founding Workbrands, he was director of a recruitment comms agency and MD of an international publishing and events company.

A passionate advocate for the use of creativity in strategic business thinking, Nick is well-versed in helping others tell their own story through design in a way that engages their audience.